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ThatThing.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohManaged to make a second tune today.2018-04-13
YetAnotherThing.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohFriday tune. :)2018-04-13
ThisThing.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohInspired by Legendary Axe.2018-04-12
TodaysFMAdventure.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohDecided to do a little series. Here's today's.2018-04-11
AnotherThing.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohCan't stop!! :D2018-04-10
SomethingDifferent.fmcsDustin "J3RK" StrohJust whipped this one up. 2018-04-09
FirstFMCTrackWeeeee.fmcsDustin J3RK StrohJust learned FMC today. :) Nice!2018-04-06
ff8boss.fmcsSt├ęphaneRearranged midi from FF8 !2018-04-02
pluiedefevrier.fmcsSt├ęphaneA small tune made in 1 day2018-03-02


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fretlessbass.fmciPhanooA nice mellow fretless bass sound2018-06-02
chiptune.zipIsaac Zuniga5 chiptune sounds that you would expect from C64/NES/Atari systems!2018-05-29


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