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A simple & powerful tracker with integrated FM synthesizer for musicians and composers !

  • Easy FM sound creation
  • MIDI import
  • Tracker and piano roll view
  • Wave/FLAC/MP3 export
  • 150+ GM presets included
  • Optimized for low CPU usage
  • Free and open-source
  • Library for integration in games/apps
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FM Composer v1.7
Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

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What's new in 1.7

This version is dedicated to bug fixes
A new demo song replaces the previous one, it was composer by Dustin Stroh. Many thanks to him!

FM Composer instrument editor
The instrument editor
FM Composer sequencer (pattern/song editor)
The song editor

FM Composer piano roll view
Piano roll
Settings page
Settings page

Bright theme
Different color themes

What is FM Composer ?

FM Composer is a free and open-source music software, providing a tracker-style sequencer and a completely custom FM sound engine. FM means Frequency Modulation, it's the sound generation technique FM Composer uses. Waves are modulating each other to create new sounds. It was heavily used in the 80-90's with the Yamaha DX7, theSega Genesis and many other pieces of hardware. It saw a new popularity increase nowadays with electronic music. It may be a useful tool for any composer or musician who likes experimenting with sound.

I'm a composer, is this software for me ?

If you're interested into crafting your own sounds and composing music with them, certainly !

If you don't care about the integrated sequencer but want a sound source for your DAW, maybe.

If you are a videogame music composer, you may find a use for some projects. With the included library, developers can playback your music and alter it in real time, allowing great interactivity and immersion.

What about the developers ?

To get music made for your game, best bet is to find a composer who'd like to use FM Composer. Tell them about it. If they've already worked on video games or like to experiment with sound, chances are they will be interested. They aren't even forced to use FM Composer for the whole creation process, they can work with MIDI files then import them into FM Composer.

If you don't need custom music, the easiest way is to find some MIDIs, import and tweak them with FM Composer.